Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/31/10 -- Normandale to Long Beach, ONT -- 61 mi/ 2847 total

Overcast all day with wind not much of a factor and just a few rain showers. Most of the day was spent riding along the coast which was nice. However, the roads were rough and curvy so it was hard to make any good time. A Chevy Classic group was out and about with their beautiful cars, just tooling around. There were probably 25 - 30 of them. The Canadians are really celebrating their Civic Day, where you don't work! At this CG you just park/pitch wherever you want, especially since you are dry-docking. And if you want a fire? Just have one anywhere it fits your location. One party with the blaring speakers was still going on @ 2:30. They are very proud of their lawns and we decided they must have a love affair with lawnmowers because they mow up everything in sight. My mother would love it! The one picture I took today was of Lake Erie and I posted it yesterday.

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