Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/28/10 -- Capac, MI to Wallaceburg, ONT -- 60 mi/ 2646 total

Ready for the short ride into Canada

Each passenger can take back 5 cases which saves them about $16 p/cs. A couple of guys getting ready for a party were on their 2nd trip back to CAN.

Looking north up the St. Clair River

This is what the storm looked like and we were glad we were inside looking out.

And here is our haven from the storm

On to Wallaceburg, no wait, Walpole Island on Indian land, unceded. After a sunny day with unfavorable winds, it turns overcast by 11 and we know a storm is coming. Rode right to the ferry and it cost us $1 ea, just a trifle cheaper than the previous one! Canadians are hauling beer/liquor across the border like crazy to save $$. The St. Clair River is beautiful. We took a break and soaked our feet in it for awhile. Once we get to Wallaceburg, we can't find CG and if you ask 20 different people, you will get that many different answers. Because of all the wild goose chases, we get caught in the storm but took shelter in old, trashy garage that K spotted. Roof leaked on us but it was better than being out in the wind and lightening. Lightning let up so we take off in the rain, get to the island, K has a flat due to something he hit on road. That brings the count to K=4, D=4. The "mile" down the road, led to 4 and then I had a group of 3 dogs come after me. A gal finally called them off me....geez, I really hate that.

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