Friday, July 2, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/2/10 -- Williston to Ross, ND -- 67 mi/ 1347 total

Field of edible peas in bloom

Some of the oil rigs belching their smoke

The yellow fields are canola and it is just beautiful to see next to the green

LH side shows fire burning off waste/bad oil

The blue field is flaxseed

What a storm we had last night -- we turned the weather radio on and it said 40 - 60 mph winds, take cover, etc. So we moved to the basement which is the floor of the camper. The Williston area is considered a "wildcat area" because of the oil boom going on. CG's are full of the mean working there & nicknamed "man towns". This area was not ready for this and people compare it to the goldrush of California. Trucks everywhere and everyone always in a hurry plus the prices on everything is higher. The wages are good but you will have 4 guys living in a camper trying to save $$. Kirk had his 1st flat tire of the trip about 30 min. out. Couldn't patch, so went to the spare. After 3 patches not working, called J and H to go get a tube and bring it to us. It was after 10:30 b/4 we got started again -- like I said, it is crazy trying to get around in this mess.

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