Monday, July 12, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/12/10, Mon -- Fergus Falls to Osakis, MN -- 67 mi/ 1873 total

Time to meet some of our great hosts/relatives/friends we've met along the way:

No picture but our nephew and his wife, Rich and Kendal Brown of Bellingham, WA where we had great conversation and excellent salmon.
Camped two nights in the driveway of Gene and Lottie Overway in Bay View, WA. They have an absolutely perfect view of the bay.

Meet Duane and Jan Holter of Priest River, ID who rescued us from the miserable, cold day of riding and provided us with a warm bed for 2 nights and laundry service as well. They live right on the river which was flowing pretty full!!

Meet cousin Gail and Tim Neff of Whitefish, MT. Tim moved his camper so we could park in their driveway overnight. Pouring rain when we put camper up but it was sure good to see them.

Meet cousin Deb and Randy Holtan of Plentywood, MT. Plentywood was not on our route but we drove up to see them, have a meal together and tour their new home. It's beautiful.

Meet Darrell and Josie Dahlberg of Brockton, MT. You can see for miles from their home and we enjoyed the tour of the farm and their equipment. Darrell was also gracious enough to let us drive his new pick-up to Plentywood.

'Ya gotta love the squirrels -- they took out power to the campsite at 7 Sunday a.m. so no electricity and eventually no water. At 10 Sunday night the mosquitoes moved in dive-bombing so bad we couldn't sleep so we sprayed the hootch and went on a killing rampage. Checked tires this morning and the valve went bad on my rear tire, so flat before we could start. Rode on the trail today and we plan to finish it at St. Joe. Trails are boring but you feel safe from the traffic.

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