Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/10/10, Fri -- Morehead to Fergus Falls, MN -- 61 mi/ 1806 total

We try to take time to keep an eye on the wildlife around us.....

We broke off the AC route on the recommendation of another biker and headed this direction so we could ride the Central Lake/Lake Wobegone paved trail. It is 120 mi long and the longest continued trail in the US. We had strong headwinds all day today, got hot and it was really kind of boring riding in the Red River valley. Wind blowing so hard that I was able to go 14 mph down hill while pedaling. What is your four worst problems while riding? Kirk says hills, wind, traffic and heat. I say wind, wind, heat and hills. Beautiful campsite at Pebble Lake, Delagoon CG. Heard my first loon of trip. J and H not here so we were relaxing, waiting to put up camper as we were watching the clouds. It started to rain so I grabbed our stuff we didn't want wet and dove under the camper. One other camper in park and we ended up under their awning until the tornado siren went off at 5. J and H come flying in and we just ended up with rain/hail.

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