Monday, July 19, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/19/10, Mon -- Stanley to Stratford, WI -- 59 mi/ 2217 total

Monday is wash day for the Amish. The dresses I expected but not the hot pink panties!

They attach the clothesline to whatever works best, this case being the barn.

That weather radio has come in mighty handy on this trip.

Routing our weeks' ride with Steve, from St. Paul.

Our bed for night, tenting on the deck of the camper.

Went to church yesterday and we 4 were 1/4 of the attendance. Minister's wife played "It Is Well With My Soul" on the violin and it was absolutely beautiful. Met Steve Chatterton from St. Paul who is heading E using the AC maps most of the time. Right now we are both off route so we worked on maps together. Thank goodness there are a lot of paved county roads in WI. Last night we slept in our tent that we put on the deck. The camper was dry and we didn't want it wet for the week. Today we headed out on our own and it has been 6 yrs since we rode fully loaded. We thought it might take all day to get used to but it wasn't any different at all, just a little harder going up hills or when you tried to lift the bike. We had more construction around Colby but nothing major. We were taking a nap under the awning at the firestation in Colby when the cop came by and said he a complaint of a couple of vagrants. ha.

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