Friday, July 16, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/16/10, Fri -- St. Croix to Chetek, WI -- 61 mi/ 2,101 total

Looking back at the village of St. Croix Falls

We were grilling hamburgers for evening meal and Kirk is trying to help the fire along.

I love barns and planned to take a lot of pictures of them but haven't. To me this one says: "Hey, I'm old but I'm still useful!"

Had planned for a 40 mi day but due to campground location, it turned into longer. Sometimes you just go where you need to go. Leaving St. Croix on Hwy 8 was terrible. Road was real bad but it didn't make any difference as traffic was so heavy you didn't dare steer that way. The shoulder was iffy but full of trash so we really had to pay attention. This tends to put a little tension into your shoulders! Kirk had a highway patrolman tell him he wasn't speeding. ha. Traffic finally thinned and once we got on a county road, it was a fairly good one next to the train tracks. Stayed at the Chetek River Campground and J had to talk his way into the last spot. Lot of seasonal campers, packed in like sardines and people everywhere. Pool, miniature golf, etc. and you still had to pay for your shower. At least they had one and we were mighty happy to have a place to stay that night.

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