Friday, July 9, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/9/10, Fri, Page ND to Morehead, MN. -- 61 mi/ 1745 total

Kirk on bridge as we cross-over into Minnesota with Red River in the background.

Tranquil scene as we're riding along. Should have stopped and taken a picture when we saw the hawk in the ditch that would not fly because he had a "catch".

Pedaled without much stopping as we wanted to be through Fargo before rush hour traffic and to beat the heat. We had detours and roads that didn't run through, so there was a lot of weaving around to get to KOA compground. Clear sky today and not much wind of any kind and by 11 it was getting HOT. Red River valley is flat and a chocolate looking river. Pretty uneventful day. At the campground we saw another biker and asked him which way he was going. He said north, somewhere. Then we saw his Burley, so loaded I don't know how he pulled it. We're a little slow, but he was homeless. At 11:45 another camper pulled in and set up his fold-down so it was a short night.

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