Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/27/10 -- Bay City to Capac, MI -- 95 mi/ 2586 total

We think these are beets, at least the leaves look like it.

I'm telling you ....... it is flat.

And this is what an enterprising farmer does with some of his flat land. This place was neat as could be and they have made quite a playground for themselves.

Meet Chris from Brown City. They farm and restored this condemned house themselves. Thanks, Chris, for your hospitality!

KOA CG east of Capac last night, again no wi-fi. We had a lot of road changes today and struggled with roads that had no signs. Sometimes it was just a guess if you were going the right direction or not. Swirling headwinds most of day, 90, humid and about 80% of the roads were not good for biking. We had 3 areas of hills and the rest was flat, which surprised us. Big fields of grean beans, beets, corn, soybeans and tobacco. We took several rests today and one was at Brown City. A big, old house with shade and the owner was outside. She invited us in but we declined, sitting on the patio instead. She brought out ICE water for us and filled our bottles with same. Her uncle, Myron Jenkins, was director of U of I bands.....small world. Had a dog go after me so bad today that I froze.... couldn't yell, spray or anything except pedal and break out in huge goosebumps. It was just a very long day.

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