Friday, July 23, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/23/10 -- Reedsville to Manitowoc, WI -- 0 bike miles

Our rig to the left, in line for the ferry. That is coal in the background, used to fuel the ferry.

The US Badger is one BIG ferry, coming into port at Manitowoc, WI

Several motorcyclists coming on board

The cars drove in then turned around. The bigger rigs, like ours and the trucks, were backed on.

Put the camper away damp as it was still sprinkling on us as we stood in the very mucky grass. We drove to Manitowoc to the ferry landing for our trip across Michigan Lake. By taking the ferry, we saved at least a week's worth of biking and if you drove it, it is over 500 miles. The trip across was 4 hours and even though it was overcast, it wasn't pouring down rain making for poor visibility. We enjoy watching the employees and all the various tasks they perform. We stayed at the Vacation Station in Luddington and it was, by far, the nicest place we have stayed on the trip and better yet, was not the most expensive.

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