Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/13/10, Tues. -- Osakis to St. Joe, MN -- 52 mi/ 1,925 total

Some of our friends (and you know who you are) would not appreciate this little bathroom. All I can say is that it worked, the shower also, and we've been in worse. Quit being so picky!

The campground (Head of the Lake) was 10 mi from Osakis. We were right on Lake Osakis and it was a "unique" set-up. I didn't feel good today so opted not to ride. Instead I took my bike into Alexandria to find the squeak in my derailer. Had to wait for them to open but they got me right in. Found a small pebble in the wobble wheel, squeak gone and it only cost me $5. It was driving us both nuts. Kirk saw a lot of wildlife on the trail today including a turkey with her young ones in tow. Camped at the City Park ($5) where the Scouts were having a field day. K didn't bother taking camera, so no pix today.

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