Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/22/10 -- 0 miles

Colleen, Kirk, Hazel and Jerry in our "home" away from home, keeping dry

This is what some of our CG at Reedsville looked like. We were on higher ground but did it ever rain!

We are certainly glad we rode hard to get here yesterday. Has rained/poured all day and it is a mess around here. J and H arrived back late morning and Colleen, Kirk's cousin from the Green Bay area, arrived b/4 lunch with 2 bags of fresh cheese curds. Yummm -- can you hear the squeaking? We all sat in the camper as we could get 3 lawn chairs in here and we were dry. We drove back to the local pub for lunch, then went on to another town for grocery shopping. It didn't quit raining until around 4:30. Several times during the day, I'd look at K and we would both say, aren't you glad we rode hard yesterday.......

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