Monday, July 26, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/26/10 -- Clare CG to Bay City -- 60 mi/ 2491 total

Meet Debbie, Tyler and Eric Black from NH, riding from Boston to Seattle to LA. This is what you look like after a long day of riding.
Picture from Bay City area

Sunday, we ate breakfast out because we had forgotten about getting the supplies. Had wonderful blueberry pancakes. We heard our first sermon from a minister instead of a guest speaker at church. It was wonderful with beautiful music, friendly people and full church. Inspirational! Sunday night we met Eric, Debbie and Tyler Black from NH riding for the Boston Children's Hospital as Tyler had heart surgery when he was 2. He will be 12 in September. What a neat family.

Rode 28 mi on the Pere Marquette trail, great surface and wide. Met 5 guys that had met on the Adventure Cycling (AC) site and joined forces to ride together -- from NY, CA, MN, WY and ME, I think. We have to make the initial move to visit with other bikers as no one recognizes us as touring since we don't have much gear with us. CG tonight was Finn Rd, 2.5 mi N of route. We could ride our bikes on further and see the bay.

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