Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/7/10, Wed. -- Rugby to Binford, ND -- 60 mi/ 1625 total

They still dig for water (irrigation) in ND along with the oil

Many areas of marsh along the way. This was just down the road from the boys digging for water

Our view as we stopped for lunch

Trying to find the source of the flat tires. That is 3 flats for Kirk since we started the ride.

No problem putting camper top down so this day started great! Kirk was airing tires and found his front flat, fixed it and we were on our way by 8:20. Detour was not bad, only added a couple of miles, but the seams in the road after that were terrible. I spent most of the time standing on one leg to help ease the blows. We saw no other bikers today and not much traffic since we are off hwy 2. About 5 mi from Binford we stopped for a quick break, ready to take off again and Kirk's front tire is flat again. Once we were at the city park we were able to find a small wire in his tire that was causing the tube to leak. Only cost $10 to camp with a full hook-up and they furnish the towels. Nice touch and this is a small community. Kirk was able to find the right tubes at the local hardware store. Jerry was happy, he had coffee with the good 'ol boys.

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