Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/1/10 -- Brockton to Williston, ND -- 70 mi/ 1280 total

This was supposed to be the 4th picture, so mentally put it there

SE of Brockton on a backroad

Gary & Deb Griffeth from Alaska with their nephew, Jeremia

Leo and Stephanie Woodland from Montreal, British/French citizens going from NY to WA and then the Canadian Rockies.

So here is a skunk.........

and then a prairie dog.........

and then a snake ...........

but we have road ID bracelets to help identify us! I left out the deer, rabbit, fox and pork-up-pine.

Can it be? We are actually out of Montana. Sorry for my weird humor, but the scenery was all becoming the same. Had terrible road construction to go through at Bainville today and it is still hot. How hot? We stopped to get a cold drink and when we came out my computer screen had a big black spot on it and wouldn't work. It was frying in the heat. After riding for a while, the wind cooled it off and it started working again. Stayed on the north edge of Williston and the campground advertised trees ........ there were a few on the outskirts of the CG but no where else.

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