Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 6/30/10, Wed -- Nashua to Brockton --65 mi/ 1210 total

Don't they look great for celebrating 50 yrs. together?

It's hot. Stop for lunch was at Poplar and the shade tree at the school worked great for relief. It's 95 again.

Drying the Echinecea roots

Bruce showing what a plant would like before you dug it.

Is this beautiful or what? This was on our way back to the farm from Plentywood. The sky was alive with the reflection of the sun.

Good ride today with a very small tailwind and ONLY 95 degrees. We met Dave and Kate from NY at Wolf Point who are doing the ride to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Good for them!! We stayed with friends of J and H's, 20 mi north of Brockton and we were to be picked up for the transport to their farm. Just so happens there was a bar at the corner so the first local we met was Wayne Webster (Webby) who stood outside protecting us from the Indians that would ask for $$ or a drink. Then it was Bruce and Maureen Nordvick, working the bar and Jamie Youpee, having something to eat. We learned about digging "root"which the owner buys for $4/lb, then resells. Some days $50,000 will pass through the bar with all the root people bring in. It is Echinecea which is used for medical purposes and if you chew on one, your mouth will go numb, so people with toothaches used it. They took us to their old bar next door to look at a log cabin bar that camae by steamship in the 1800's. Dahlberg's let us use their new pick-up to go to Plentywood to visit cousins Deb and Randy Holtan. It was a good, good day.

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