Monday, June 28, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 6/28/10 -- wast of Dodson to Hinsdale -- 72 mi/ 1,100 total

There are a few barns in Montana.

Headwinds today but not bad. Terrain changes from flat land to ups/downs, wind shifted to cross/tail. Plan was to go to Saco & we met J and H there at a quaint old gas station open for bathroom and cold water. Since we were riding OK and the train ran about 20' from camp area we decided to ride on to Hinsdale and camp there. It was hot, the wind died down, the road turned black and really bumpy. It ceased to be fun at this point. The campground at Hinsdale wasn't good, so we loaded up the bikes and headed to Glasgow. J and H will take us back tomorrow. The mosquitoes are so bad that when you dropped your shorts to deposit DNA, they swarmed so bad I couldn't go!!! Only shade we could find today was by a gasline building. You feel like you are baking.

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  1. Diana, I admire your sense of humor in composing the third-to-last sentence. I'm not sure that the event you described was funny at the time, but it is now!