Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ride across the USA: Wed., 6/16/10 -- Leo Lake CG to Priest River, ID -- 76 mi. -- 432 total

I wish we knew the story behind these. It was pouring down rain when I took this pic.

Another view of these fascinating rocks.........

This was what most of the day looked like. Actually, it rained so hard we couldn't tell what we were looking at some of the time.

Jan with her prized "Ruby". Who wouldn't consider this a prize???

Started raining as we were breaking camp so naturally we get in a hurry & don't get all our necessary gear. Rained all day with the temperature in the 40's so you ride hard just to keep warm. We would walk once in a while just to get feeling into our feet, forget the hands. At 45 miles we decided we needed to eat & found a shelter at a cemetary. Kirk turned around and in the middle of nowhere is this big, beautiful new wellness center, close to Cusick, ID. built by the Indians since we are on reservation land. God plunks help right down in front of you sometimes. We opted for the hot food at the deli instead of our normal PB, etc. and hung around for 2 hrs. letting some of our clothing dry. When we stopped, Kirk had to help get my helmet off, my fingers were so cold. We finally went on, still raining, to PR where we stayed with Duane & Jan Holter, friends of J & H. Was nice to not have to set up camper, do laundry and take a HOT shower!

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