Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ride across the USA: Sat., 6/19/10 -- east of Heron to Libby MT -- 51 mi./ 556 total

Don't know why, but didn't take many pictures along this way -- too busy just enjoying.

The most beautiful day -- and riding a bike in the mountains. This part of Montana is absolutely beautiful just like it was 11 years ago when we rode this area. However, my bottom is still sore ..... my lack of ability to train in May has really caught up with me. But who wants to hear about that???? Kootenai Falls is a powerful, powerful sight. We met Candice & Michael from Connecticut, riding home. They arae really hauling a lot of gear and had spent the night at the rest area, just a few miles back. He had a tire leaking but he thought he could make it into Libby. I was having trouble on a good tire!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy the ride. We have a few beers waiting for you here on the East Coast.

  2. Just read your blog...What an awesome adventure you guys are doing great. Keep on pedaling and have a great time! Marti Sue

  3. I already miss you and you just left. I hope to keep in contact by phone so we can make sure you are ok. The movies and wine are waiting for you in Mount Ayr when you have finished your ride. Plan on a weekend with us so we can catch up----Mark and Sue