Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ride across the USA: 6/08/10 -- Rockport, WA. to Diablo Lake, 41 miles -- total 98

We were glad to have lights in the tunnel to see the rough spots and puddles. Still scary wondering if the vehicles really will slow down.

George Dam in the Cascades, on way to Diablo Lake.

Lupine was lining the roadway. Along with the fragrance of wild roses, it was a beautiful ride.

Here comes Di, rolling along over the Skagit River.

If you could stand the cold, you could take a shower in this waterfall......

This was our destination as it is the only campground before the first two Cascade passes. As a result, we took a little more time to sight-see along the way. There was quite a bit of climbing today. The road was extremely rough, so bad the bike wouldn't have rolled if we had been going downhill. Once we made it to hwy. 2 it was better riding. We had two tunnels to go through today, one which was short. The longer one required us to push a button that would signal on both ends of the tunnel that there was a biker inside and to slow down to 35 mph. Like most tunnels, it was dripping water and with this being uphill it seemed like we were inside it for a long time (I'm sure it actually wasn't). The Grind's sent home a big box of items they now know they can live without. I'm also finding out just how bad of shape I am actually in!!

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