Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ride across the USA: Sunday, a day of rest

The Wauconda Community Church located right next to Joe's brand-new campground. We were the first RV'ers to stay there, if you want to count a fold-down camper as an RV!

Pastor Norm and his wife, Mahashka with Jerry & Hazel in background. Yes, the church has this lone merry-go-round in the side yard.

People gathering for the morning worship service.

This young man just graduated from high school with a 3.8 -- he is in charge of getting the church opened and the fire going for everyone's comfort. This is right by the front door and the coffee, etc. is across the way.

normally I will not post Sunday activities but going to church at Wauconda will probably be one of the most memorable experiences. First of all, happy 45th anniversary to us! Sharing the spirit with 20 other believers in an old building where a young man arrives early to start the fire, with a social time of 30 min., 30 min. of singing and then a sermon about "campers" from Romans. The 2 hours went by quickly. Met Rich & Violet, who live "off the grid"; Molly saw bears on the way out her back door; Norm (the preacher) & his wife, Mahashka, plus other members of the church, including the dogs ...... and help yourself to coffee anytime.

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  1. Kirk&Diana, Happy 45th....about 75 days belated since I didn't hear about your trip and have the opportunity to start reading your blog until after you had finished. Jim Reeve