Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ride across the USA: Tues., 6/15/10 -- Kettle Falls to east of Colville, WA -- 40 mi. -- 356 total

Some of the equipment that picks up big bundles of logs and moves them to the correct spot.

Different angle ..... this hoist really moved along from one spot to another.

Another pretty waterfall......

Kirk checking out Lake Leo ..... it really was a pretty place with only one other camper there. Jerry didn't bother to tell us that soft-sided campers should be aware of possible bear attacks.

Looking across Lake Leo ........ pretty sight and cold, as well.

No cell service, again. Lots of traffice due to lumber mill @ Colville with logging trucks rolling along like crazy. We watched the activities @ the mill for a spell. Leaving Colville, we started our last major climb of the Washington Cascade mountain range. What started out as boring scenery turned into beautiful scenery. Met Joe who is the "guide in training" for Adventure Cycling's only northern tier tour. Cost $4300 to ride with the group, they pay for food but riders take turns at purchasing and preparing. Everyone hauls their own gear. I don't know how old Delores from NY is, but she is definitely an inspiration. There are 11 in the group. Camping tonight is at another Forest Service site -- no services, even the toilets were locked. We took our first outside shower (this little camper has everything) which is definitely the way to keep the bears at bay!

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