Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ride across the USA: 57 miles Omak to Wauconda, WA. -- 253 total

What better place to have a nice, quiet lunch than in the beauty of God's great creation.

You really shouldn't be looking back but sometimes it is better than staring at the "hill" in front of you!

One advantage to bicycling is that when you see little, quaint places, you actually take the time to stop and check it all out.

Nuts. This is supposed to be rotate but obviously, I didn't do something right. Anyway, this is Ed, with his leather kilt, leg wrappings and morning cup of coffee. He is the wannabe inventor referred to in the below comments.

The "pocket fuzz" jar was started when customers would reach in their pockets for $$ and blow the fuzz out of their hand. The owner would have to clean it up. One day a guy started to blow off the dust, she had a coffee cup in her hand and the rest is history. They keep smashing it down and it hasn't filled the jug yet.

Got lost going out of Omak on this beautiful hot & clear day. 10 miles down the road we come to Riverside, WA which has the most quaint antique/grocery/gas business we've seen. On the counter is a jar labeled "pocket fuzz 1986" which you put your pocket fuzz in. As we rolled into town we see Ed walking to the store -- his long not-so-clean hair, walking stick, leather kilt and leg wrappings. We had quite a conversation with him and he was most interested in Kirk's recumbant bike as he has an idea to motorize it. Recumbant Energy Transportation Assisted Recreation Device = RETARD. And he will call it RETARDED because his name is Ed. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to get pictures to transfer. On to Tonasket and the locals told us to get ready for a rough climb. No one was lying. Five to six mile stretches of 6% climbs. When we arrived at the village of Wauconda, there was a cafe/grocery/gas store due to open next week (maybe), this brand-new campground (we were the first RV's), an old school building, church & 1 mile down the road a community bldg.

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  1. Diana, thank you for keeping us updated on your trip! I will check it as much as I can! Have fun!!!!!!!!!