Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 6/23/10 -- Stanton campground to Browning, MT -- 55 mi, 796 total

Connect these pix end-to-end and you have the complete range ................

A beautiful day to ride and look at the mountains. It's bittersweet, leaving the amazing beauty of all the mountains with the refreshing gurgling streams, roaring rivers with beautiful color and of course, the wildlife. We crossed the Continental Divide at Marias Pass (5,236'), the lowest point in the USA to cross over. Our destination was Browning, MT and the campground was off-route, about .5 mi of absolutely terrible gravel. The campground wasn't much better .......... until you turned around and had a wonderful view of the Glacier National Park. Later, many, many locals told us we were nuts for staying in Browning on the reservation but they still can't take that view from us!

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