Monday, June 14, 2010

Ride across the USA: Monday, 6/14/10 -- Wauconda to Kettle Falls, WA -- 63 mi, 316 total

Roadside old mine along the way to Sherman Pass ...... you never know what creepy things will come out of those cold, damp places. Violet (from church) told us to keep our eyes open for this.

Rocks in the sandles don't make for comfy riding.

This is what a forrest fire leaves behind.

That makes five passes in Washington Cascades mountains!!

Just another pretty view along the way.

Only had 900' to climb to Wauconda Pass (4,310') which took about 45 min. for the 5 miles. Coasted down to Republic where we ran into the Grinds again. Only took 7 hours to climb the 3,000' to Sherman Pass (5,575') -- pretty hard climb, again. The scenery on the way down was beautiful but we had to work so hard to keep under control that you couldn't see that much of it. Took 1 1/2 hr. to go down 20 miles. We were glad to have all the winter gear back on to help against the cold. We crossed the Columbia River only to go up another long hill b/4 locating campground, arriving @ 6:35. J & H picked up pizza for supper. Kirk would rather pay for a shower than one where the shower head falls off & the hot scalds b/4 you can get it controlled. Maybe when you are tired, you just notice things?

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  1. Kirk, what happened to your windscreen? I noticed it when you started the trip but not in today's picture.