Friday, June 11, 2010

Ride across the USA: Twisp to Omak, WA -- 36 mi; 198 total

On the road to Twisp, Wa. Don't know for sure, but we are guessing this is Washington Mt.

Difference in scenery as we head to Loup-Loup Pass.

There is a garden growing on the balcony of this house. I call that handy, but where does the water go when you water it???
Looking down at a gorge

The beautiful, colorful waters of the streams in the Cascades.

Today we rode Loup-Loup Pass, 4,020', which makes 3 down, 2 to go in the Cascade Mountain range. What took hours to go up, took 22 minutes to go down. The road was wet so we had to be careful going down and the road was like a ribbon, weaving its way down, one curve after another. Then you round a curve and see this long, long hill staring up at you. So, change gears and tackle it! As we are catching our breath at the top, another couple stops for a breather -- Sharon & Kyle Midkiff from Virginia. They are doing a loop of Washington state. As we climb these passes I find it interesting, as I'm struggling along, that when I feel like giving up, I feel a little tailwind giving me a boost or I hear a gurgling stream that gives you just enough lift that you actually feel like continuing on. There is only one source for that encouragement, so thank you, Lord. Stayed in Omak's "stampede" campground tonight which is what the Indians do by riding their horses in a race that includes coming down a steep hill in a narrow pack. That would be interesting to see.

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