Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 6/29/10, Tues -- Hinsdale to Nashua -- 45 mi/ 1145 total

Do you see any trees??? This was all we could find but we didn't care, the shaded rocks felt cool to us!

This doesn't look like Glasgow, Scotland either

Looking down from a high point at the Missouri River -- pictures sometimes just don't do the scenery justice.

Storms were brewing in the Montana sky

We had planned to ride 63 mi today but a very strong headwind plus 99 degree weather changed our minds. Kirk handled it just fine but I seemed to be the gimpy one today. We camped at the Ft. Peck State Park and after our meal toured the area. This is where the Milk River (remember the river that should be named chocolate milk) dumps into the reservoir and becomes the wandering Missouri River. Today we met Sam from Quebec City and some other guy, we didn't get his name so we nick-named him "big thighs" pedaling home to WA from Maine. Sorry, no pix. As we got closer to Glasgow a local rider stopped to visit with us and he knew cousins Randy & Deb Holtan from Plentywood, MT. Small world...... We were both pooped and K woke me up because he heard a siren. There had been storms in the area and he thought it was the tornado siren. We wake up J and H, I look at the sky and wonder where it might be as it didn't look stormy ......... wasn't, just the siren for something at the damn.

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