Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/15/10, Springvale CG to St. Croix Falls, WI -- 54 mi/ 2040 total

This is what bicyclists that ride in construction zones look like.

Did they have these signs on the other end of the road? Guess we're not too bright!

St. Croix River area is beautiful.

This is what the river looked like when we were camped.

Terrible storm in the area again last night but fortunately they ended up 10 mi E of us. Good roads to ride today and that always helps for a good ride. We get to Stark (pop 60) that there was a detour that would put us in heavy traffic. We decided to gamble and headed out for 9 mis of construction. It was OK for the first 5.5 mi, then it went to gravel at Sunrise. The hill was steep and so much rock that we walked our bikes up. Rode along OK for awhile then we have these guys digging up ground because it was unstable. We asked to go through, OK, so walked my bike and K had to carry his, just like fording a river only this was dirt. Had to drop down 2.5' to walk through the rest of it. Camped at Interstate State Park in WI looking down on St. Croix River.

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