Friday, July 30, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/30/10 -- Port Stanley to Normandale, ONT -- 58 mi/ 2786 total

Another view from our Port Stanley stealth camping .... K kept trying to hitch a ride with any pleasure boat that went by. Funny guy....

Check out all the seagulls on the barrier

Tucked right back in there out of everyone's way. The opposite direction is where the beach was located.

Bart and Sarah from Belgium. What a funny couple and they were pretty loaded .... as she said, it is their home for a year.

One more look at Lake Erie

Cooler this morning and a beautiful sunrise. Just seemed like we couldn't make any progress and for me, the day was just tough. You have those, so just work through it. We didn't have much traffic which is always nice. We met Bart and Sarah from Belgium. They started in NY and have plans of seeing "the Americas" by going through the USA, then down through Mexico and Central America, bypassing Columbia by ship and ending up in Argentina. They will be gone for "however long it takes", probably a year. They roll their own cigarettes, were really interested in our maps and were quite a hoot. J and H begged their way into the last spot at the Hidden Valley CG. Monday is a national holiday for Canada, making for full everything! We plan to ride tomorrow, Sunday (K promised me we would stop for church) so we can get back to the USA and have Monday as our rest day. One party last night was still going at 1:30.

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