Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/8/10, Thurs, Binford to Page, ND-- 59 mi/ 1684 total

Kirk standing on the door that flies open when a missile would be launched.

I would really hate to have to go down this hole for real -- command post for this site was 20 miles away

Marcus and Patrick from Vermont. Yes, they warned us about what we have to look forward to riding in the East.

An outdoor shower is better than no shower at all!

Planning session and where we were going to camp next. Happy birthday to Hazel!

Is this what you call a "drowning" farmer? All sorts of old equipment/cars for what? Stop the water???

Mitch and Ryan from Chicago .... I'm on the phone with Denny Brass.

No flat tires for Kirk today so hopefully we have solved the problem. A day of road constructsion with pilot cars which can be interesting on a bicycle. At Cooperstown we met father/son Mitch and Ryan from Chicago who are riding to Connecticut. East of Cooperstown is November-33, a minuteman missile site which has been inactive since 1998. Further down the road we met brothers Patrick and Marcus from Vermont, heading to Washington state. We are fixing Hazel supper tonight since today is her birthday and we have cupcakes for her cake. Page is a town of only 300 but they have a place to camp, no showers so we used our outdoor one.

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