Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 7/3/10 -- Ross to Minot, ND -- 74 mi/ 1421 total

John & Valerie with the triplets, Deirdre, Ian and Zara. Took them out of school a month early so they could go on this adventure. They are headed to Washington, DC due to time constraints of getting kids back for school this fall.

Canola field with a huge bug in it

Hazel allows herself a little bottle of wine everyday, so once it is gone it is Jerry's job to refill the little bottle.

Why not Minot??? A rough night trying to sleep as a camper going down the highway blew a tire and woke us up. Then at 2:30 another storm hit, so we went to the basement again. We stay dry but the wind always bugs me. Ross is a few people bigger than Sharpsburg and the CG is full of oil workers. The town doesn't have adequate room, water supply or sewers and they are scrambling to rectify. This area is a mess because of all the activity and I was glad to get away from it. We were on the phone talking when a family of 5 came up behind us........after talking to them, we realize how easy we have it on this trip. Got in early today so did laundry, took naps, etc. At 9:30 it was still so light out you could sit outside & read.

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