Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/1/10 -- Long Beach, ONT to Lewiston, NY -- 70 mi/ 2917 total

We were able to view the rivers flowing towards the Falls. You could see the mist from some distance back.

How do you describe all this beauty and power?

K with the Canadian Horseshoe Falls in the background

Can you find me in the crowd? This was after it had thinned out a bit but it was still crowded for manuevering bicycles.

When we first saw Niagra Falls we took the Maid of the Mist boat excursion which I would recommend everyone do. The boat is in the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. I thought the rainbow was a nice touch......

Most of day was spent on trails but you had to keep searching to find them, especially between Port Colbertson and Fort Erie. It was hot with a head wind but by riding trails we were able to be in the shade quite a bit. Great trail to Fort Erie, once we found it. Since we decided to ride on Sunday, K promised me that we would try to find a church which we did, right off the trail. The Grace Church of the Brethran had a guest speaker (we get to hear one more) and he made it last for 1 1/2 hrs., wanting to do even more. The rest of the trail was right along Niagra River and it was gorgeous. It took us right down by the Falls, right through the crowds, etc. We headed on north to the Lewiston-Queens Bridge to cross back over to the USA. Once we found our way onto the bridge it was pretty easy going and ONLY took 49 min to cross before we could get to customs. We thought we would have trouble with the route but it went pretty smooth. KOA CG was 3 mi off route. We got in by 7 and H ordered pizza. Can you believe it is August already?What a great day!

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