Friday, August 6, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/6/10 -- Fulton to Osceola, NY -- 56 mi/ 3159 total

Small view of the Salmon River Reservoir

Couldn't get the door open any further and you can't see the sink to the left but........ 3 steps up and there you are. This is, indeed, the throne!

And then to the next door you have the shower. This view is looking down at the boards that are covering the rotten floor so you had to be careful where you stepped. The other gray stand is not fastened down, so when you stepped on it, be careful. Bright side? There was a bench to sit on (who would want to?), 10 hooks to hang your clothes on and a shower that worked that you could control the temperature. What a deal!

We stayed on state highways today vs. AC route. I'm about brain-dead keeping all the roads straight as they don't normally go by numbers, just names if you can find the sign. Partly sunny to cloudy, good winds most of the time and great surfaces with shoulders except for the last 5 mi. to Osceola. We just really had a good ride today. Then it was 3 mi of hell to Cedar Pines CG, north of Osceola. We walked up 3 long hills and we thought it was worse than anything in the Cascades (I'm sure it was just the end of the day thinking). CG is interesting with mostly seasonal campers and I wish I had been taking more pictures of the bathroom facilities as this is probably the winner so far.

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