Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/4/10, Wed. -- Holley to Pultneyville, NY -- 73 mi/ 3048 total

Boating life along the Erie Canal .... brought back images of our boating trip in France

Watching life along the Erie. A mother and her 3 sons rented kayaks here and you should have heard one of them that whined/cried the whole time. Some entertainment we had.

This is what it looks like riding along the Erie Canal ..... actually pretty boring

Different look at the Erie Canal

Just another big body of water............this was at Pultneyville where you could read about the Brits attacking and a house that was hit with cannon was refurished and still standing. A really neat town.

Hot and sweaty by 7:15 as we are breaking camp. Sunny, 90 degree and humid with swirling wind, mostly out of south which we think is good as we have about 20 mi going north later in the day. We were going to ride the road for a while instead of the trail but a detour changed our minds real quick on that. So, we rode 50 miles on the limestone Erie Canal Trail, dirty and a lot harder than road riding. Stopped at Palmyra and we both drank a 32 oz bottle of Gatorade. Not a good idea for me. Out of town and at the top of a hill that I couldn't climb, a state trooper stopped to ask if we were OK. That's a first. Rode a little more, stretched out in someone's front yard and then limped on into Pultneyville. By the time we had gotten off the trail, the wind had ceased and the only comfort was to ride for a breeze. Pultneyville is a neat, historic town and had our first look at Lake Ontario. We went over the 3,000 mi mark today -- K says it is time for an oil change!

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