Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/3/10 -- Lewiston to Holley, NY -- 58 mi/ 2975 total

This is what you do on a day off ....... lay around in your swimming trunks, & talk on phone!

J and H after their tour of Niagra Falls ...... they were really pooped

The Erie Canal-- trail is on the left side and this is where the mules used to pull the boats, guided by teenage boys

The lift bridge at Medina

Overcast early morning turned to sunny, 88 degrees and humid w/good wind. Took some time to get to Lockport and we hung around for quite a while. We have such a fascination with locks, how they work and even more interesting with these historic locks, on how they were constructed. We stopped at Middleport and the same cafe is still there, just wish it was breakfast time as we remember how good it was. Seven years ago we rode the Erie Canal trail so today we road Hwy 31, route 5 for bikes, as it is a historic byway. We hopped back on the trail at Albion -- huge, gorgeous old homes all along the way. I had just come up the bank from dipping my feet in the canal and saw the van -- good thing as we had missed the turn-off road which made us miss the CG for the night, Red Rock Pond. And forgot to mention, we were chased by a CAT on Sunday. No dogs, just a cat. Imagine that. Fresh peaches for supper tonight along with spaghetti.

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