Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/11/10 -- Wed, Ticondergoa NY to Gaysville, VT -- 55 mi/ 3,377 total

A more "open" look to Vermont

Little hamlets can have the most quaint little stores ..... good thing we were on bikes so we couldn't buy/carry anything

Rafters on the White River

There always seemed to be a hill somehwere

We could picture our grandkids having fun jumping off the rocks into this pool right beside the entrance to the White River Valley CG

What a beautiful state and ride! How do we know? We were going soooooo slow all day that we had plenty of time to look! Middleport was a neat college town and very busy. East Middleport is where the climb up Bread Loaf Mountain began and it is also where the road construction began which lasted off and on clear to the top. We could ride most of it but we also did a lot of walking. It was a tough day of riding and I gave the construction guys a good laugh! We admitted to each other that our legs "are shot" -- "weak stick" might be another version. It was nice to have a mountain stream close by most of the day. Ripton, on the way up, had quite a general store, as did Stockbridge. Beautiful churches and the countryside is just lush. There are lots of food stands along the way. Stayed at the White River Family CG right alongside the White River.

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