Friday, August 6, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/5/10, Thurs -- Pultneyville to Fulton, NY -- 55 mi/ 3103 total

This doesn't show it clear enough, but this house (which is a B and B) is made of cobblestone

There are actually 3 boys tending to their chores. Why don't I take pictures of taxpayers picking their own blueberries???

This is living ........ rural, central New York style ...... there was a wishing well off to the left.

And most places have a backyard pool, this one with its own platform to jump off. There was another smaller pool behind the house as well as a suana just sitting in the yard. Picture doesn't show it, but the house needed a lot of work. Oh well, they have the gazebo to relax in!

Woke up at 4:30 and it started to rain and it poured. We just waited it out and got on the road at 9:00. HUMID!! and we planned less miles today because of it. the AC route has you going every which direction and we're to the point, give me a road with shoulders and get us there sooner, please. Didn't take a picture but the apple trees are just loaded. This area is full of fruit and vegetable farms. Fresh peaches, blueberries, etc., then throw in the veggies and there are market stands everywhere -- we have been eating good!!! By the way, be sure to wash off anything before you eat it. We were riding by an apple orchard today and here comes the farmer with the pesticide spraying everywhere. All we could do was hold our breath, duck our heads and then use our drinking water to wash ourselves off. Ugh. Lots of hills today, one that went for over 5 miles. Stayed at Hughes RV Park where we had a glimpse of Lake Ontario and bathrooms full of spiders. If there was a plumbing hole in the floor, it was never covered and you just looked into the ground below. Plywood just doesn't hold up well with moisture.

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