Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/12/10 -- Gaysville, VT to Orford, NH -- 47 mi/ 3,424 total

Kirk found a "real deal" at the Sharon Trading Post......

All roads lead to the Lord........

Another church with town offices next door

Good-bye to Vermont! Hello to New Hampshire!

He told me to hurry up and take his picture as he was going so slow he thought he would fall over!!!

Granite fence posts and from the leaning they look like they've been there a long, long time.

1906 round barn -- across the road was a new one, built in 1996.

Today, the biggies were Sharon Hill and Thretford Hill of which neither could come close to Middlebury Gap of yesterday. It was another pretty ride today and we had fun stopping at various places. Kirk loved the general store at Sharon and we both fell in love with ArtichokeArt in South Strafford. Most of the day we had a brook beside us as we rode along which is just refreshing to hear. We arrived in NH by crossing over the Connecticut River and we immediately turned onto River Road for 8 mi of riding hard-packed dirt with a covered bridge to ride through (there was one yesterday also) and it was just wonderful pedaling along. In Orford they have "the Ridge" where 7 mansions sit up high. Gorgeous. We were so busy gawking, we missed the Pastures CG by 2.5 miles!

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