Monday, August 9, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/9/10 -- Old Forge to Long Lake, NY -- 57 mi/ 3269 total

Lake #2 in the Fulton Chain Lakes.....

The beauty of nature is everywhere

Lake #7 in the Fulton Chain Lakes

What a deal and way to multi-task: bathing and laundry both at the same time!

Did I mention that we are in bear country? So Saturday night we have this drunk going through the CG yelling "bear, I see bear" and then all the other campers start screaming. John Wayne once said: Life is hard; it's even harder if you are stupid. Figure that guy has had a rough life! Also had rain during the night.
Went to the UP church in OF Sunday and they really had a lively choir and the sermon was good!
Beautiful ride in the Adirondack mountains today. Between Inlet and Blue Mountain Lake we were often riding by lakes. The Fulton Chain Lakes make up most of the lakes in this area and there are 8 connected together. The 2 longest hills were coming out of OF and Blue Mountain Lake -- they were the real deal. The day was not too hot but very humid. We are staying at Eaton Lake CG which is north of Long Lake. We are sitting here looking across a lake at the mountains. Just a fantastic view. No hook-ups and we don't want to use our water as we might need it tomorrow, so the clear water of the lake provided us our clean-up. It was just a little nippy!

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