Monday, August 16, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/16/10, Mon -- Fryeburg to Durham, ME -- 65 mi/ 3573 total

The smallest cemetary we saw on trip -- the Colonel and his wife were both born in 1766, died in 1837 and 1857. Had to hike a short distance back into the timber for this .... interesting how the trail was all mowed and the site well cared for.

Stayed at the Canal Bridge CG along the Saco River -- noisy due to all the yelling from people tubing and in canoes and kayaks. Huge sand bar/beach full of people. Went to church yesterday in Fryeburg at the Congregational Church -- there were 23 people there and it was not a good experience. Today as we start this last Monday, there is heavy mist to rain most of the day. I can't see to read the map without stopping nor can I read the road signs, if they even happen to be there. Lots and lots of big hills and we had to work so hard we couldn't really enjoy the wet scenery. Shoulders, if there were any, were terrible but K had to get on it due to traffic. He hit some trash, blew the rear tire and he was fish-tailing down the hill, braking and dragging his feet to keep from crashing. Lucky he wasn't hurt. He changed out his front tire in the CG as it also had a little nick from the trash. Now we both have a new set of tires! Today was just hard and long and all we can say is we are glad this biking day is done. Stayed at KOA CG.

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