Friday, August 13, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/13/10 -- Orford to E of Lincoln, NH -- 42mi/ 3,466 total

Just a beautiful valley in NH -- don't know for sure where, but it was pretty

We can honestly say we have been to Benton, NH -- there were 2 houses nearby but this little building says "This is Benton, NH" .........

If you ever wondered what a moose crossing looked like, now you know.....

Beaver Pond scenic spot in the White Mountains -- was cool and windy at the time

The 7 Appalacian hikes -- 3 from Virginia, Georgia, NY, ME and Wyoming. The young man at the left was really interesting and informative to visit with. This was one of the highlights of our entire trip.

Big, long hills in a beautiful setting, overcast about all day with roads so winding that wind was no factor. Haverhill and North Haverhill were beautiful communities. Took pic of a moose crossing area and wish we had seen an actual moose again. We ate lunch at Beaver Pond in the White Mountains and it reminded us of Black Lake in the Colorado Rockies. After we left Beaver Pond we crossed the Appalachian Trail, turned into a parking area and there sat a hiker. We had a great visit with him and he was joined by 6 others as they had all joined together as they met on the trail. They started in March and April, had gone 1800 mi with 400 left to go. What an accomplishment for them! North Woodstock and Lincoln are tourist towns and it was a really busy place. Later, we sat by a stream and dipped our feet before starting the climb up Kancamagus Pass which we'll finish in the morning. Stayed at Big Rock NFS CG so it was the outside shower on the camper again.

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