Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ride Across the USA: 8/14/10 -- E of Lincoln to Fryeburg, ME -- 42 mi/ 3,508 total

This was a beautiful ride and scenery

Meet Mike Peterson from Seattle, great guy -- he's riding to Portland, then back to Wisconsin to visit his mother.

Is this what they refer to when they say "the 'ol swimming hole"? This place was just crawling with families enjoying a beautiful Saturday in NH.

The view of Swift River looking out the covered bridge.

This is the only bridge you couldn't drive through -- probably because the pedestrians were in the way!!

Yay!! Last big climb of trip as we go 6 miles to top of Kancamagus Pass. We met Mike Peterson from Seattle, a great guy. He passed us, naturally, but he waited at top for us so we could visit more. The White Mountains are beautiful, just not the Rockies. We had a little at 13% upgrade but most of it was only 9% to get to top. The ride down was stupendous and not real steep, only 7%. Swift River was by us most of time and we rode through our 3rd covered bridge -- on all these bridges, cars were also using them which is something you don't see in Iowa. This area is extremely busy: full CGs, over-flowing trailhead parking, cars parked everywhere near the water -- just people enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. We had a fairly easy day and wanted to ride more but just too much traffic. It felt great to cross into the last state of our journey.

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